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web trading

Web Trading is a very wide concept that can mean anything from internet trading to online trading, but can also cover desktop trading and mobile trading, as eventually all devices and methods used to trade with, are connected to the web.


When the World Wide Web was invented back in the 1980’s, it was only meant to be used for specific reasons, mainly communication for governmental agencies. However, the concept of the web explains itself very well. The web just started growing and remained beautifully connected to every part of that constitutes the web. Even if one part gets disconnect from a side, it still can be reached from other sides. This allowed the internet/web to be a perfect hub to be used for many other areas rather than mutual communications.


So, eventually after 20 years from inventing the web, companies started to use it, to offer its services. Specifically for trading, instead of holding the phone and communicating your order to your broker, the web was used instead. Sending your order via the web, and receiving confirmation via the same route, and the ability to monitor your positions, managed to eliminate possible mistakes that might happen on the phone, speed up the processing of your order and ability to communicate the price quoted more efficiently. What was just described now is web trading.


As opposed to paper trading, or phone trading, where you have to write your order on a paper or communicate it over the phone, the concept of web trading opened a new wide area of business. Stocks, currencies, bonds, and many other financial instruments are being widely traded on the web now. The web is claiming a turnover of over 4 Trillion USD in financial trading transactions. Furthermore, with web trading you are also able to get instant access to financial markets from anywhere in the world. Trading from home is preferred by most traders, as it is easier to concentrate there, as nobody can disturb you.


Surprisingly, even though there are traders, who still trade over the phone, and although many brokers do accept trades over the phone, yet the number of such transactions has diminished to less than 0.1% of the volume of web trading transactions. More and more traders are also using their mobiles to trade, but still they are transmitting the trades through the web, which categorizes them under web trading too.


To sum up, the advantages of web trading are:


  1. More accurate and tight price quoting
  2. Fast execution (sending order and receiving confirmation)
  3. Ability to continually follow your positions


If you are still going to your broker’s office to take a trade or you want to feel the thrill of fast trading, please, feel free to click on the link below.



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