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Mercados de negociação com moeda


Generally online currency trading seems difficult and a little bit frightening. Though this can be overlooked with the right online currency trading platform getting started is quite quick and easy.


Taking currency trading classes, books and seminars may seem expensive, all you need is the proper software. Thanks to simplified trading platforms - NetTradeX and MetaTrader 4, Infin Markets offers wide range of trading and account management solutions for various financial instruments. 


With the biggest trading network, the hidden methods to become Forex expert traders are open for you through the experience of other traders, getting rid of the need for you to make those costly beginner mistakes.


In addition, with Infin Markets’ free online currency trading tutorial you will learn all FX trading basics, the main types of analyses, how to make use of technical indicators, etc. You can also experience your new skills by trading virtual money in demo versions with live markets rates. By this way you can learn making profit from your Forex investment by practicing in a riskless environment.


Due to our modern trading platform and quality service, Infin Markets has become one of the international leaders as a global spot trading provider. Our clients are from the whole globe, who trade currencies in every possible style, from long or short term investment, to day trading or intra day trading.


Styles of Currency Trading


While accomplishing forex trading on the Internet, you can come across the following currency trading methods:


Scalping, which is also termed as quick trading, is a trading style in which investors trade regularly over the span of a day and rarely let any position stay open for more than a minute. Since the time interval between the opening and closing of an order is generally less than a minute. The aim is making small profits from every position. Scalping requires quite deep understanding of Forex market, thus, beginners should avoid using this trading type.


Day Trading: In this trading style, investors close their Forex positions on the same trading day as when they were opened. Traders, who use this trading style, plan to make at least 15-100 pips of profit through each position. Almost all online currency traders follow this trading style, especially the ones, who use technical analysis, which includes the study of chart patterns, support and resistance levels, etc.


Position Trading / Long-Term Trading is generally followed by traders who have deep knowledge of economics. Long term trading tends to generate more than 200 pips of profit per trade. Traders, using this type of trading, use both technical and fundamental analysis before setting up a position.


Automated Trading: In this trading style traders operate a pre-programmed strategy to put forex orders through an automated software program. These strategies are based on technical and fundamental analysis.


Range Tradinginvolves a trader identifying a price range within which a currency pair usually trades. This style should only be used by Forex experts, who understand the market well.


News Trading: While opening a position based on the news that could have an influence on a currency’s value, you definitely use the news trading style. This trading style is aimed to make short-term profits.


You can apply any of the online currency tradingstyles, based on your requirements and comfort level in the Forex market.


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