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Funds withdrawals

  1. 1. Log in to IFCM Cyprus Limited

    Introduce yourself, by entering the previously registered email address as well as chosen password in the login form on our website.

  2. 2. Open a withdrawal request form

    Select the "Accounts" tab, choose a trading account you wish to withdraw funds from. Click "Withdraw to" against the "Free margin" details and choose the withdrawal option from those available to you:

    • Bank - withdraw funds to an authorised bank account. If necessary see the bank account details in the "Profile" tab.
    • Trading account - transfer funds to any of your trading accounts.

  3. 3. Fill in and send a request

    The request parameters are:

    • Withdraw to - if necessary, choose another withdrawal option.
    • Amount - enter an amount you wish to withdraw. The amount may not exceed your trading account's free margin. Amounts exceeding free margin will be rejected, and you will be asked to fill in the form again. Minimum withdrawal amount - $1.
    • Comments - Enter comments (if needed).

    Click "Send" to send your request. Click "Cancel" to abort.

  4. 4. Track your request

    All withdrawal requests are dealt with in a timely fashion and processed by Backoffice during its working hours (Monday - Friday, 07.00 - 19.00 (CET)) stricktly according to the client's requests.

    Filed requests may be seen in the "Requests" tab, "Withdrawals" window and tracked by their status:

    • Active - request is not yet not attended
    • Processing - request is being considered
    • Performed - request has been executed
    • Rejected - request has been rejected, see manager's comments
    • Cancelled - request has been canceled by the account holder

    You may cancel your withdrawal request while its status is "Active".


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