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Global Silver Trade


At this time many investors are looking for different ways to make the most of the increased worldwide demand for silver trade. With the use of online trading platform, trading silver has never been easier.


The growing popularity of Forex trading lets traders leverage the price of silver up to 200 times more than the deposited amount, therefore enabling a trader with only a partial amount of risk capital to take advantage of even the smallest flows in the price of the metal. 


History of Silver Trade


Silver trade has always been similar to currency trading, as many civilizations utilized silver to cast their coins. Therefore, the price of the coin reflects the price of silver. Formerly, it was almost impossible to arrange the trade for gold or other valuable metals for silver and vice versa. In today’s commodity market options of direct trading of gold for silver do not exist; therein the only option is silver to US dollar trading. With the global economic and monetary systems development, the price of silver, as well as gold price, became independent from the currency, and now are traded like all commodities, according to supply and demand forces. Because of it, profitability silver has always been a popular investment. The price of silver as of many valuable metals, remains constant, moreover, because of its comparatively low value it doesn’t require as large investment as gold, for instance.


How to Start Trading Silver


Silver trading is one of online commodity trading options available on Infin Markets’ trading platforms. Please, note that it is good for the beginners to start their silver tradewith demo accounts, before trying to endanger their hard-earned money online. Once the traders feel more comfortable with the platform, they can already switch over to a real live account.


Like online gold trading, the primary demand for silver leads the globe to investments. Many online dealers of silver coins and bullion demand significant premiums above the spot trading price of silver.


The increased demand and activity in the silver market represents a chance for those, who are looking for silver trade ways and methods. Some investors even prefer silver trading over gold trading. The strong interest in silver is a result of different factors including not important increases in mining production, strong demand for silver jewelry, since the price of gold has become expensive for the jewelry demand in many countries.


It is essential to realize that the silver market is very small relative to other larger markets such as the currency markets or even the gold market.


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