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Online Gold Trading

online gold trading

To trade gold online in our company a trader can use XAUUSD trading instrument. Basically, this trading instrument consists of two parts:


  • XAU – this is the ISO 4217 standard currency code of one troy ounce of gold
  • USD –  this is the ISO 4217 standard currency code of one united states dollar


So, the price of the financial instrument XAUUSD is just the rate at which a trader can buy 1 ounce of gold for US dollars. The main aim of online gold trading is to predict how the price of gold will change in the future against the US dollar. If a trader predicts that the price of XAUUSD will rise, than he needs to open long position to benefit from it. If a trader predicts that the price of this instrument will fall down, then he needs to open the short position. In order to successfully trade XAUUSD, a trader should also decide about the volume of opened position, which depends on the level of risk that a trader is ready to handle.


There are many different techniques, which may help a trader to perform successful online gold trading. For example, everybody can use Forex market analysis to analyze the market and try to predict in which direction the price will move. Forex analysis best practices refer to technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is prepared by our specialists on an everyday basis, while good fundamental analysis maybe found in the internet or prepared by traders themselves.


Online gold trading is available via two trading platforms: NetTradeX and MetaTrader 4. These platforms are cutting edge trading software which may be used by the clients of Infin Markets to make profits on Forex. These trading platforms are easy to use and offer a large variety of tools, which can be used for successful market analysis and quick trades performing. For instance, NetTradeX platform offers large variety of technical indicators which may be successfully used for performing high quality technical analysis. NetTradeX platform can be downloaded directly from the web site and quickly installed. However, opening a real trading account which is required to trade via the platform may take some time as our company is obliged to complete several legal procedures before providing access to the Forex market.


If you do not want to wait you may always test your skills in online gold trading on a demo account, which can be easily opened and does not require any legal procedures to be completed. All you need is to download the trading platform, install it and start trading. While the demo account does not offer ability to trade real money and make real profits, it is perfectly suited for testing your trading strategies before implementing them.




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