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Gator Oscillator GO 


Gator Oscillator (GO) Purpose

Gator Oscillator (GO) is an extra indicator to the Alligator and it helps to visualize the periods when Alligator Indicator outline widen or narrow down. Gator Oscillator helps to better imagine the approaching changes in the trends: to know when Alligator sleeps, eats, fills out and goes to sleep.

Gator Oscillator (GO) Usage

The Gator oscillator is a histogram with three types of bars: green and red.

  • A green bar appears when its value is higher than the value of the previous bar.
  • A red bars appears when its value is lower than the value of the previous bar

The Alligator's movement is separated into the following four stages:

  1. Gator awakes - when after gator’s sleeping one of the indicator bars is red and the other one is green (above or below zero)
  2. Gator eats – the both bars are solid green
  3. Gator fills out – after solid green bars we see a single red bar, it means mixed bars
  4. Gator sleeps - the both bars are solid red

When the gator oscillator is eating, it means that the trend is strong, but it is impossible to determine the direction by the oscillator itself. That’s why you should use this indicator in combination with multiple different indicators to confirm the direction.


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