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Money Market Trading

money market trading

Money market trading (also called Forex trading) popularity has grown very rapidly in the past few years. One of the main reasons is that trading currencies today has become very easy for retail clients. A few decades ago only those who have significant amount of funds and a lot of financial experience could get access to the exchange and profit from trading different currencies, commodities, metals or other financial instruments. But now everybody who has a computer can try to trade financial instruments with only a few dollars. To do it you only need to find a broker, who will provide you with the access to the Forex market. Brokers also provide their clients with very important tools, such as trading platforms and Forex analytics to do successful money market trading. These tools will allow you to trade Forex wherever you are as well as always keep updated about current market situation.

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Fx Services


While surfing in the internet you may find a large variety of different Forex services offered by companies or individuals. These services include brokerage services, different Forex analysis, trading systems and trading platforms, expert advisors and many other things. Of course not all companies offer the same level of services. So each trader should carefully analyze conditions before making the choice.

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Fundamental and Technical Analysis

forex market analysis

Different Forex traders use different techniques to increase the accuracy of price predictions. These techniques greatly vary: for example, some traders use different mathematical methods, while others try to make currency rates predictions based on some macroeconomic events. All these things are called Forex market analysis, which is divided into two main categories: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

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FX Economic Calendar

forex economic calendar

The main aim of Forex trading is to predict the movements of price. In other words, each trader earns money when his prediction of the price trend is correct, and loses money when his prediction is wrong. There are many different tools that may help a trader in making right predictions. One of such tools is Forex economic calendar, which is used by traders to keep updated about most important economic data publications. This calendar shows the time, when the next important macroeconomic data is published, as well as consensus of this data and the previous value. For example, information about publishing such data as “AUD AiG Performance of Construction Index” or “USD Change in Non-farm Payrolls” may be published in Forex economic calendar.

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