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The Relation Between Gold and Silver (XAUXAG)


Currently one of the actual problems for investors comes to be the matter of investment safety, herewith giving an opportunity to gain profits. Many traders and investors refrain themselves from active trading since they worry about debt problems in Eurozone, the possibility of bank defaults, instability of dollar and euro.

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Forex Technical Analysis


Forex trading is a very dynamic area and for wise investing every trader needs to have appropriate Forex skills and knowledge. However, there is no exact currency trading technique for complete success in Forex deal, as every technique involves risk and none of these systems can protect you from financial losses.

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Margin Trading: How does it Work in Forex Trading?


The concept of margin trading in Forex trading world is very simple, the term means trading with some borrowed capital which will give the trader an opportunity to use much more currencies than he has factually. To put it simply, Margin Trading is a way to increase the purchasing power and start trading.

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You Trade FX Smart


The foreign currency exchange market, also referred to as the “Forex” or “FX”,is the largest financial market in the world. Forex is a truly 24 hour global market which runs its business across the world. FX Participants are central banks, corporations, individual investors and speculators, and hedge funds.

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What is a Spread?


The spread is the difference between Buy and Sell or Bid and Ask prices. Two prices are given for a currency pair. The spread represents the difference between what the market maker suggests a trader to buy, and what the market maker sells to a trader. Spread is usually denoted in pips.

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Fundamental Analysis In Forex


Opposite the Forex technical analysis part, in this Forex tutorial you will learn the advantages and importance of performing fundamental analysis and how to implement this type of analysis in your trading style. It’s quite essential to learn the basic macroeconomic factors that have an influence on global market.

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Technical Analysis Applications in the Global Currency Markets


Technical analysis is the study of market prices with the intention of making a final decision for profitable financial investment. Today, with the huge online resources every web trader both professional and newcomers could practice on the technical analysis. Technical analysis uses a wide variety of charts that show price over time.
Technical analysis is based on three general principles:

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What Is Pip?


To trade Forex successfully every new trader needs to understand the most used and popular forex terms. Two of these popular words are “pips” and “spreads” which show the value of a currency pair to the trader and to the FX broker mainly.

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MetaTrader4 NetTradeX


When speaking about Forex trading, it should be kept in mind that it is directly linked with trading platforms, because in case of the absence of the trading terminal, it would be impossible to carry out trading activities. Up until now the most popular terminal has been MetaTrader4. In addition to MetaTrader4, our company has developed a totally new software: NetTradeX. The following article we will try to compare NetTradeX & MT4 and find the advantages and disadvantages of both of them. This will help our traders to make decision about the software through which they prefer to trade.  

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Who Are Market Makers


Two different forms of Forex broker are an ECN (‘Electronic Communications Network’) and a market maker. An ECN broker provides Forex traders an access to a market where different Forex market makers and various economical institutions enter competing bids and offers into the system. 

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Forex Trading Online


Do you want to study Forex and become a successful trader? Discover the best ways to learn Forex skills and make money through the web trading from home. There are many inexperienced traders who have lost a great amount of money in Forex trading because they are not properly educated and don’t have basic skills necessary for profitable trading.

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Current Market Rates


Forex Market is a dependent market: currency prices stem from various financial events surrounding the globe. A single change in the economic situation in one of the leading countries in the world may be the determinant of the price of a particular currency. So, when speaking about the Current Market Rates, it should be understood present prices that lead the market at present and, certainly, one should take into account the factor of unsteadiness of these prices.

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Where Can I Exchange Euros to Dollars


Web trading has opened an access to the vast number of instruments which are available among most of the Forex brokers. Despite the very large diversity of trading instruments, still, there are the ones which are most preferred by the traders. Among such pairs may be regarded EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPUSD and, finally, AUDUSD. This article will discuss each of these pairs, to find out the main characteristics, which are probably the main reason traders prefer them.

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Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator


Why do people use currency converter One of the most general reasons is the following: people may plan to move from one country to another, because of which they will be unable to use their domestic currency. So, the currencies may be converted due to the need of usage in other territories, where the domestic one may not be accepted. An online Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator is good to use for business, personal, or educational purposes. And certainly, conversion also refers to Forex market: trading deals with different currencies, the rate of which may certainly interest every trader, who use converters for this purpose.

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Currency Trading Markets


Generally online currency trading seems difficult and a little bit frightening. Though this can be overlooked with the right online currency trading platform getting started is quite quick and easy.

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