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Currency Cross Pairs

On Forex market the "currency cross pair", also known as "cross-currency pair”, is a pair of currencies that doesn't involve the U.S. dollar. The most eagerly traded cross currency pairs are derived from the three major non currencies, which does not include USD: EUR, JPY, and GBP.

Since the U.S. dollar is the most traded currency, cross currency pairs are less popular in Forex market. Cross rates are such currency pairs at which these currencies are traded.

The most popular cross currency pairs are as follows:

Abbreviation Name, nickname
AUDCAD Australian dollar vs Canadian dollar
AUDCHF Australian dollar vs Swiss franc
AUDJPY Australian dollar vs Japanese yen
AUDNZD Australian dollar vs New Zealandian dollar
CADCHF Canadian dollar vs Swiss franc
CADJPY Canadian dollar vs Japanese yen
CHFJPY Swiss franc vs Japanese yen
EURAUD Euro vs Australian dollar
EURCAD Euro vs Canadian dollar
EURCHF Euro vs Swiss franc
EURGBP Euro vs British pound
EURJPY Euro vs Japanese yen
EURNZD Euro vs New Zealandian dollar
GBPAUD British pound vs Australian dollar
GBPCAD British pound vs Canadian dollar
GBPCHF British pound vs Swiss franc
GBPJPY British pound vs Japanese yen
GBPNZD British pound vs New Zealandian dollar
NZDCAD New Zealandian dollar vs Canadian dollar
NZDCHF New Zealandian dollar vs Swiss franc
NZDJPY New Zealandian dollar vs Japanese yen

Advantages of Currency Cross Pairs

Cross currency pairs have essential benefits in foreign exchange trading, as they save the hassles involved in multiple conversions. As well, they provide multiple benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Cross currency pairs specify the relative potential of the US dollar
  • Cross currency pairs makes it easier to take an advantage of interest rate disparities
  • Cross currency pairs have different volatility prices than pairs with US dollars. This makes cross currency pairs a safer choice for Forex trading, especially by beginners
  • Cross currency pairs give quite higher chances to make profits
  • In comparison with major currency pairs, trends and ranges in cross currencies are clearer
  • Cross currencies may have an impact on major currency prices
  • Cross currency pairs help to expand the trading portfolio, as they are offering additional options for Forex trading


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