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Trading Instruments

Wide range of trading instruments helps to achieve the maximum effect of investment portfolio diversification for the purpose of risk minimization. In order to meet requirements of different types of investment preferences, we offer the following groups of trading instrumts: currencies, metals, CFD on indices, CFD on stocks and unique Golden Instruments.
CFD ForexCFD on metalsStock CFDs

CFD Forex

Foreign exchange spot transaction is a concurrence among two parties to buy one currency against selling another one at an agreed price. Forex exchange rate at which the transaction is realized is the spot exchange rate. The exchange rate reveals transferring the power of purchase between currency units of different countries, reflected in currency pairs’ activity and quotations.

In Forex currency trading, a FX spot rate is the rate that most traders use, while trading with an online Forex broker. Traders, holding a position for longer than two days, have their trading “reset” by Forex broker.

The exchange rate itself is made by supply and demand forces, which may fortify or weaken depending on various issues, as well as macroeconomic, technical, political and even natural.

For forecasting purposes investors generally use two types of analytical tools. As a rule, the analysis is divided into technical and fundamental components. Technical analysis is based on previous price performance, while fundamental watch is based on key macroeconomic indicators, like inflation or interest rates. News flow and expectations factors are also of a main concern.

The combination of technical and fundamental approaches to exchange rates activity explanation and prediction is frequently considered a sign to a successful trading strategy. The liquidity and user-friendliness of the FX currency market make this group a profitable investment opportunity.

The group's FX trading instruments are below:

Abbreviation Name, nickname
AUDCAD Australian dollar vs Canadian dollar
AUDCHF Australian dollar vs Swiss franc
AUDJPY Australian dollar vs Japanese yen
AUDNZD Australian dollar vs New Zealandian dollar
AUDUSD Australian dollar vs US dollar
CADCHF Canadian dollar vs Swiss franc
CADJPY Canadian dollar vs Japanese yen
CHFJPY Swiss franc vs Japanese yen
EURAUD Euro vs Australian dollar
EURCAD Euro vs Canadian dollar
EURCHF Euro vs Swiss franc
EURGBP Euro vs British pound
EURJPY Euro vs Japanese yen
EURNZD Euro vs New Zealandian dollar
EURSEK Euro vs Swedish krona
EURUSD Euro vs US dollar
GBPAUD British pound vs Australian dollar
GBPCAD British pound vs Canadian dollar
GBPCHF British pound vs Swiss franc
GBPJPY British pound vs Japanese yen
GBPNZD British pound vs New Zealandian dollar
GBPUSD British pound vs US dollar
NZDCAD New Zealandian dollar vs Canadian dollar
NZDCHF New Zealandian dollar vs Swiss franc
NZDJPY New Zealandian dollar vs Japanese yen
NZDUSD New Zealandian dollar vs US dollar
USDCAD US dollar vs Canadian dollar
USDCHF US dollar vs Swiss franc
USDJPY US dollar vs Japanese yen
USDNOK US dollar vs Norwegian krone
USDSEK US dollar vs Swedish krona
USDSGD US dollar vs Singapore dollar

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