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Fx Services


While surfing in the internet you may find a large variety of different Forex services offered by companies or individuals. These services include brokerage services, different Forex analysis, trading systems and trading platforms, expert advisors and many other things. Of course not all companies offer the same level of services. So each trader should carefully analyze conditions before making the choice.


Infin Markets offers a vast range of high-quality Forex services which you may use for your benefit:


  • Forex brokerage services
  • Free Demo accounts
  • Cutting-edge trading platforms
  • Daily market overview and technical analysis
  • Live chat support

Forex brokerage services


Each trader needs a broker to get access to the Forex market. That’s because Forex broker gives a trader an opportunity to enter the huge currency market with only a few dollars. When a trader makes a deal he may take advantage of a trading leverage which is one of the Forex services, provided nearly by all the brokers. Leverage is used to receive a short-term loan for making a deal which exceeds the volume of your initial deposit. For example, if you have only 10 $ and you have chosen to use the leverage of 1:100, then you will be able to trade the volume of 1000 $. But to keep such positions opened you should always supply enough free margin, which amount depends on your balance. In other words, if the price moves against you and you bear losses, they must not exceed the amount of your deposit.


Free Demo accounts


Before starting real trading you can take advantage of demo trading to test the quality of Forex services offered by the broker. To open a Demo account you don’t need to deposit any money or go through the complex registration procedure. All you need is to download the trading platform and go through the simple registration procedure, which may be completed in 1 minute. After finishing you will be given free demo account, which you may use to try our services. Please keep in mind that Demo accounts operate virtual funds, so you won’t be able to withdraw any profits.


Cutting-edge trading platforms


Infin Markets provides its’ clients with the ability to choose between two most popular trading platforms: NetTradeX and MetaTrader 4. Both of the platforms offer a vast range of tools which may be used for successful Forex trading. Each platform is also available on mobile operation systems, such as windows mobile, android and iOS. You may download the platform from our web site any time.


Daily market overview and technical analysis


Along with other Forex services our professional market analytics publish market overviews and technical analysis on a regularly basis. You may use these analytics to obtain the better understanding of market situation as well as to support your trading decisions.


Live chat support


If you have any questions regarding our company you may always contact us by live chat. Our professional support team will answer all your questions. Live chat service is available on the following languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Arabic.



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