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Who Are Market Makers


Two different forms of Forex broker are an ECN (‘Electronic Communications Network’) and a market maker. An ECN broker provides Forex traders an access to a market where different Forex market makers and various economical institutions enter competing bids and offers into the system. 


While each Forex market maker is acting against each other, the spreads are likely to be very tight, and a market maker can set a bid or an offer within the spread.  The ECN broker definitely shows the best bid/offer price from the market makers on their trading platform. This makes possible for Forex traders to take the benefit of very tight spreads.  To access these prices, Forex traders are charged a small commission.


Market makers are familiar with the running cost of forex investment in the market, thus they analyze the buy price and the sell price. Actually, market makers can really help clients to reduce the chances of losses.


Market Makers are banks, Foreign Exchange businesses, financial institutions which buy and sell financial resources and do not charge a percentage for supporting each client.


Forex market makers work with customers. They offer their services to clients, who wish enter the market. They always tell customers both rates: the buy rate and the sell rate. Market makers never act for customers. Usually market makers give additional services such as education. They can give expert information about different finance positions. Authorities guide the way market makers operate. Market makers really have a good policy to reduce the risks. Forex market makers are neutral; they do not try to increase their profit by decreasing the customer’s profit. The success of the trade depends on the skills of the trader.


Forex market makers deal with large amount of money and trade. They can merge all their positions and use banks to reduce the risks. This is called hedging their exposure, and by merging positions, they hedge in volume offering them a stronger position.


Note that Infin Markets works within relevant international regulations as well as its own risk disclosure policy.


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