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Fundamental and Technical Analysis

forex market analysis

Different Forex traders use different techniques to increase the accuracy of price predictions. These techniques greatly vary: for example, some traders use different mathematical methods, while others try to make currency rates predictions based on some macroeconomic events. All these things are called Forex market analysis, which is divided into two main categories: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.


Fundamental analysis


Fundamental analysis in Forex is one of the types of Forex market analysis which is based on studying macroeconomic data from different countries to trade currencies more effectively. Fundamental analytics try to predict currency rates movements by analyzing political, economic, ecological or other global events that may influence the economic situation. For example, if a fundamental analytic is trying to predict XAUUSD rates, he may try to analyze when the demand for gold is the highest and whether the macroeconomic situation is stable or not. Both these factors influence gold price, so fundamental analytic can make gold price prediction based on analyzing these factors.


Technical analysis


Technical analysis is used for forecasting prices of financial instruments through the study of previous market data, especially charts and trading volumes. This type of Forex market analysis is based on assumption that all events that may influence the market, including any macroeconomic event is included in the price. So, technical analytics try to predict prices of financial instruments by making different studies of price charts using different mathematical methods of technical analysis, which may include: technical indicators, trend lines, support and resistance levels and many other methods.


As technical and fundamental analysis have different strong and weak sides, it is very important to use both of them to maximize the effectiveness of financial instruments prices forecasting. 


Though traders can perform market analytics themselves, our company publishes it on its web site on a regular basis. Every trader can take advantage of our professional analytics for free. Infin Markets offers two types of Forex market analysis:




Daily market overview


This type of analytics is based on past performance prices analysis. Our professionals provide you with information about past performance of different financial instruments and give some explanation of what can be the reason for past price movements. This type of analytics is very useful for those traders who do not have much time to perform deep analysis of the past performance of financial instruments by themselves. Daily market overview will provide such traders with the market past performance summary prepared by professional analytics.


Technical analysis


Our professional analytics prepare technical analysis on a regular basis for the following currency pairs:



Both professional and beginner traders can take advantage of our technical analysis, as it is written in a simple language and can be easily understood even by people new to Forex trading.



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