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FX Transfer

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  1. 1. Log on to your account in NetTradeX trading platform

  2. 2. Open a "Withdrawal requests window"

    Click on "View" of the main menu. A drop-down context menu will appear. Select "Withdrawals" of the menu to call out a "Withdrawal requests" window.

  3. 3. Open an "Add withdrawal request" pop-up window

    Right-click in the "Withdrawal requests" window to call out a context menu. Select "New request" of the menu to open an "Add withdrawal request" pop-up window.

  4. 4. Fill out and submit the request form

    The form consists of the following fileds:


    • Method - select Internal Transfer
    • Payment props - this field is empty when requesting an Internal Transfer
    • Free margin - see your trading account's free margin
    • Amount - enter an amount you wish to transfer (should not be greater than your account's free margin)
    • Client comments - specify the account number in your name you wish to transfer funds to.


    Press "OK" button to submit or "Cancell" to abort.

  5. 5. Monitor your request

    Use the "Withdrawal requests" window to monitor your internal transfer request processing status:


    • Active - request is not yet not attended
    • Processing - request is being considered
    • Performed - request has been executed
    • Rejected - request has been rejected
    • Cancelled - request has been canceled by the account holder


    Attention: The "Manager comments" column is where an important notice may be placed by the Company's Backoffice for your attention .



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