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Deposit methods

Bank wireInternal transferSkrill (Moneybookers)
Processing timeUsually 3-5 working daysMay take several minutesInstantly for confirmed
Skrill identificators
Transfer costs1Check with your bank's representativesFree of chargeNo commission
Amount recommendationsDepends on account typeLimited to free margin of account-donor1 - 5 000 USD
or equivalent
Deposit/equity restrictionsSee deposit and equity restrictions

1 Important: Transfer fees are payable by client in full.

Internal transfer

You may transfer funds between trading accounts in your name opened with Infin Markets Limited. The volume you wish to transfer between accounts in your name should be equal or not exceed the donor-account's current free margin.

Attention: Any internal transfer requests at an amount greater than your donor account's current free margin will not be filed and you will be asked to adjust the amount you are requesting to transfer. Funds available for trading in the donor account will be reduced by the amount of internal transfer request. Once the request is filed, the amount requested for transfer will be taken off your donor account's balance and appear in the request window. The minimum allowed internal transfer amount is $1.

Filing internal transfer requests

Execution of internal transfers

All internal transfer requests are reviewed and processed within Backoffice working hours (from 10:00 to 19:00 CET Monday to Friday) in a prompt manner and strictly according to the client's instructions.

Important: You may cancel your internal transfer while its status says "Active".

Monitoring your requests

Once filed an internal transfer request you are able to monitor it's execution status:

  • Active - request is not yet attended
  • Processing - request is being considered
  • Performed - request has been executed
  • Rejected - request has been rejected
  • Cancelled - request has been canceled by the account holder


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