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NetTradeX Advisors

NetTradeX Advisors - a software product which is considered to be complementary to the main terminal NetTradeX Trade Terminal. The user can operate only on the terminal NetTradeX Advisors or simultaneously on both terminals - primary and secondary.

NetTradeX Advisors employs the same data for the user authorization as are those of NetTradeX Trade Terminal - username, password, and address / port of the trading server.

NetTradeX Language (NTL+) - an integrated language of NetTradeX Advisors, which complements the functionality of the main terminal in terms of the implementation of algorithms of the automatic trading. The user can perform basic trading operations in "manual" mode, for example, open and close positions, set up orders, use standard charts, add chart indicators and objects for the analysis of trends in the market.

The language NTL+ is C-like, that’s why all the standard structures of the language C are supported in it. Users who are familiar with the programming languages C, C++, MQL4, Java, JavaScript will find great resemblance between them and the NetTradeX Language.

In NetTradeX Advisors, with the help of integrated language NTL+, it’s possible to create three types of scripts: experts, indicators and utilities. Each type of script is intended for certain trade or analytical task:

  • Experts (Expert Advisor) - trading robots that give opportunity to automatically analyze the state of market and trade in it;
  • Indicators (Custom Indicator) - allow you to build your own indicators, based on both integrated and completely unique ones;
  • Utilities - give opportunity to perform trading or other activities. They differ from the experts by the way that they are run only once
The parameters of experts can be changed during their implementation, thus changing the settings of trade "on the fly". Currently there are some limitations imposed upon the script implementation: the script must not carry more than 75 trading requests per minute; when this limit is exceeded, the server requests will be rejected. In the future, this restriction will be lifted.
Work on the opportunities and convenience of NetTradeX Advisors and NetTradeX Language is going on. In the next versions NetTradeX Language will acquire features of object-oriented languages - working with classes, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, etc. It is also planned to implement tester of trading strategy, due to which the user will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the algorithms during a given time interval based on historical data, and make decisions about the expert optimization.
The service is currently available only on demo accounts.
At your first launch insert the following data:
  • Connection name - the name of connection, for example Demo.
  • Server - IP address of the server from your demo account in NetTradeX
  • Login - from your Demo account in NetTradeX
  • Password - from your Demo account in NetTradeX.

During the test period the service is available only on demo accounts.

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