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Accounts and conditions

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Trading conditions
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Margin Requirements

Account Type Max. leverage (Min. margin)
Beginner, Micro 1:400 (0.25%)
Standard, Deposit < 50 000 USD / EUR / GBP (500 000 JPY) 1:200 (0.5%)
Standard, Deposit 50 000 - 100 000 USD / EUR / GBP (500 0000 - 10 000 000 JPY) 1:100 (1%)
Standard, Deposit > 100 000 USD / EUR / GBP (10 000 000 JPY) 1:50 (2%)

In order to avoid any client liabilities towards the company, the company can close one or several client’s positions if there are losses over them. Closing is performed if margin level, i.e. ratio of the balance taking into account profit/loss of the open positions to the margin value, reaches 10%. In this case the first position to close will be the most unprofitable one for the client. This situation is called “short margin”.

When total amount of open positions equals or exceeds $20.000.000, maximum available leverage is 1:20 (or 5% margin of a total open position volume).

For weekends and holidays margin requirements may be increased twice with prior notification. This means that leverage 1:100 or requirement margin of 1% will become 1:50 or requirement margin 2%. The client must get his opened position according to the increased margin demands by the end of trading. If the client fails to do so, the company has a right, but not responsibility, to reduce the client’s position according to the prices that set at the end of the trades. In this case the company will choose which of the client’s positions will be reduced or closed.

Leverage for trading Stock CFDs is 1:40 (margin 2.5%) and for NetTradeX accounts with leverage of trading account less than 1:40 the leverage is equal to trading account leverage.

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