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About Forex


What Is Forex Currency Trading

Forex (FOReign EXchange, FX) market is an inter-bank currency exchange market. In 1971 Forex market replaced the Bretton Woods system - rates were no...

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Forex Market Advantages

Let us consider Forex market advantages - the greatest financial market of the world  with more than 4 billion dollars daily turnover.

  • Market liquidity
  • ...

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Forex Myths

As far as Forex trading is considered to be rather complicated, that is why, many different misconceptions come forth. That kind of information can impinge...

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Forex Market Makers

When referring to Forex market makers we should name commercial banks, importers, private investors, investment institutions, insurance and retirement...

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What is Margin Trading ?

In the interbank trading a similar kind of business volume counts millions of dollars. Hence, it’s not accidental that such level is not available to...

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